It’s the Solstice! Australia-based Fio Gede Parma talks about the Magick of the Solstice time, whether you are celebrating Summer Solstice up north or Winter Solstice down under. We talk about Magick as a season, not just a single day. Plus, Courtney invents a new day in the calendar, Hilary discusses thistle, and Kanani is back!!! A listener experiences severe anxiety as part of their premonitions. How can they be open to messages, but also manage their anxiety? Full conversation with Fio and ad-free episode on Patreon!

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Our Guest Today

Fio Gede Parma is a Balinese-Australian hereditary spirit-worker, diviner, and seer. They have been living in the continent of so-called Australia for most of their life. Fio is an award-winning author, has written and co-authored 6 books and has taught Witchcraft and spirit-work in 5 continents. They are an initiate of Wildwood, Reclaiming, and Anderson Feri Witchcraft. Their website is 

Resource List

Fio Gede Parma
“A Brigit of Ireland Devotional”
Summer Solstice Spell Kits

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