Past Episodes

Episode 53: Manifesting Change In Community With Millie DeMaude
Episode 52: Pagan Priesthood With Lora O’Brien
Episode 51: Fall Equinox (Live At Pagan Pride)
Episode 50: The Goddess Persephone With Robin Corak
Episode 49: To Coven Or Not? With Ivo Dominguez, Jr.
Episode 48: Mushroom Magick With Anjel
Bonus Episode: Burning Man Magick With Doctor Beverley
Episode 47: Music Magick With Jenna Greene
Episode 46: Witches In Fiction With Zoraida Córdova
Episode 45: Yarn Magick With Nani Romanoff
Episode 44: Lunar Magick with Jhenah Telyndru
Episode 43: Episode 43: Plant Magick with Christopher Penczak Plus Lúnasa Rites and Rituals
Episode 42: Forest Magick with Jake Richards
Episode 41: Ritual Tattooing with Habba Nero
Episode 40: Glamour Magick with Chaweon Koo
Episode 39: Protection Magick with David Shi
Episode 38: Running a Witchcraft Business with Devin Hunter
Episode 37: Summer Solstice Practices and Group Work with Doctor Beverley
Episode 36: Retrograde Magick with Lisa Jade
Episode 35: Queer Witchcraft with Misha Magdalene
Bonus Episode: Pandemic and Eclipse Magick with Damon Stang
Episode 34: The Untraditional Witch with Paige Vanderbeck–The Fat Feminist Witch
Bonus Episode: Final Rites with Tomas Prower
Episode 33: Bealtaine And Pendulums With Thorne Davis
Bonus Episode: Ask A Witchlet-A Conversation With A 9 Year Old Witch
Episode 32: Fairies With Morgan Daimler
Bonus Episode: Sigil Magick In The Pandemic With Laura Tempest-Zakroff
Episode 31: Aromatherapy In Witchcraft With Carla Gaskins-Nathan
Bonus Episode: Protection And Grounding During The Pandemic With Najah Lightfoot
Bonus Episode: Coping With Shelter In Place With Mat Auryn
Bonus Episode: Witchcraft Under Quarantine
Episode 30: Spring Equinox And Money Magick With Queen Mother Imakhu
Episode 29: Use of Smoke and Incense in Magick With Amy Blackthorn
Episode 28: What If the Salem Witch Trials Convicted Actual Witches with Phillip Reese
Episode 27: Love Spells with Queen Auset-Heru
Episode 26: Anniversary Episode! Live Recording: Best Ingredients For Your Witch Cabinet with Iris Meredith Bell
Episode 25: The 2020 Astrological Forecast with Theresa Reed
Episode 24: Yule, Winter Solstice, and Christmas Magick with Jason Mankey
Episode 23: Finding Magick In Your Religion Of Origin with Aesha Fadeelah Rasheed and selma alamin
Episode 22: Service In Witchcraft with Michael Agee
Episode 21: The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess of Magick and Might with Courtney Weber
Episode 20: Halloween And Samhain Practices with Gemma McGowan
Episode 19: Morbid Magic with Tomás Prower
Episode 18: Finding Your Witch Community. Live At Pagan Pride
Episode 17: Good Juju with Najah Lightfoot
Episode 16: The Tarot Gateway with Benebell Wen
Episode 15: Water Witchcraft with Annwyn Avalon
Episode 14: Magickally Cleansing Your Home with Damon Stang
Episode 13: The Evolution Of Witchcraft with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone
Episode 12: Psychic Powers In Witchcraft with Mat Auryn
Episode 11: Have You Talked To Your Kids About Ghosts?
Episode 10: Magickal Herbs with Erika Fortner
Episode 9: Ethics Of Witchcraft with Andrea Weston
Episode 8: Involving Ancestors In Witchcraft with Remy Ilmatar-Hayden
Episode 7: The Power Of Place
Episode 6: Spring and Magick! with Luna Pantera
Episode 5: The Goddess In Witchcraft with Frodo Okulam
Episode 4: Witchcraft In Ritual Performance with Raven Ebner
Episode 3: Love Spells with Chiron Armand
Episode 2: You’re A Witch! Now What?
Episode 1: What Makes A Witch?