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That Witch Life

You work. You go to school. You pay rent. You go to the grocery store. You live your life.

You may not live in a cottage in the woods stirring a cauldron all day…but you’re still a Witch…right?

That’s us, too!!!

Join Kanani, Courtney, and Hilary every Monday as we discuss Magick, Witchcraft, a Witch’s spirituality, spells, holidays, and more! With routine special guests, join us as we share our mistakes and mishaps, our successes and our best (or worst…) advice for 21st Century Witches.


Your Hosts

Hilary Whitmore


Kanani Soleil


Courtney Weber



Recent Episodes

Episode 149: Shenanigans Magick With Mat Auryn

Episode 149: Shenanigans Magick With Mat Auryn

At the tail end of the Pacific Northwest heatwave, we gathered with our TWL Squad for a virtual gathering full of shenanigans. On the agenda includes the first annual Kanani Awards for "best and worst things that are out there."  We also play a game: "Is it a Tori...

Episode 148: Lúnasa with Orlagh Minxie Costello

Episode 148: Lúnasa with Orlagh Minxie Costello

It's August which means in the Northern Hemisphere, it's time to celebrate Lúnasa! Lúnasa is the start of autumn in Ireland and Orlagh Minxie Costello returns to tell us all about the history of the holiday and its modern Magickal and secular celebrations. Plus, the...


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