Episode 77: Spring Equinox, Ostara, And Renewal With Miss Remy

Miss Remy is back to talk about the Spring Equinox and Ostara rites! We also explore the changes we’ve all undergone since the pandemic began, as well as the Possibility of Possibilities. What will the world be like when we can all be out and about again? What does Spring have to do with it? Kanani shares her favorite Ostara story, Hilary shares a meme, and Courtney falls apart. A listener discovered they are a descendant of James VI–the “Witch-Hunter King.” How can they work with these problematic ancestors? On Patreon: Kanani shares her other favorite Ostara story.

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Our Guest Today

Miss Remy is a Peer Wellness Specialist, an Oracle and Priestess of the Goddess Selene, Psychic Medium, a Reiki Master/Teacher, Healer and Eclectic Witch. Her honest give-it-to-me-straight attitude, vast and varied knowledge, compassion and sense of humor make her an asset for our store, our customers and our community. Remy is originally from Oakland CA, however she has lived in Portland for the past 10 years. An active member of the greater Portland Pagan community for 9 years; she is a member of Other World of Wonders, she ran the kitchen at the NW Fall Equinox Festival six years in a row, and is a well-known and seasoned community ritualist. Miss Remy has been studying and practicing magick for more than half her lifetime. She is a Tantric Priestess and a Root-Working, eclectic Bruja and Kitchen Witch. She has a great and deep knowledge of many forms of magick and healing that she uses to help and assist people in need. Miss Remy has a firm belief that “we create our reality with the stories we tell and believe.” And that we can cultivate our beliefs and stories to create the life we dream of; and she tries to help people recognize their beliefs, to create better happier ones. Miss Remy is an empath, psychic medium, intuitive tarot and oracle reader and a trance possession Oracle, channeling her patroness Selene. She uses her intuition and gift of empathy to help customers get their needs and questions met. Miss Remy has profound Empathic and Claircognizant gifts; she has been using professionally as a Psychic, Reader, Reiki Master and Lunar Oracular Priestess for 12 years. Using her gifts to counsel, advise and assist clients as Great Spirit directs. Miss Remy uses a combination of tarot & oracle cards, empathy, Reiki and psychic intuition to provide deep and meaningful readings and healings with her clients.

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Our First Interview With Remy
Other Worlds Of Wonder (OWOW)
The Raven’s Wing

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Episode 30: Spring Equinox And Money Magick With Queen Mother Imakhu

Happy Spring! This season offers incredible opportunities for new beginnings, including new prosperity! We are joined by Queen Mother Imakhu who helps us explore money Magick. We also explore the power of retrogrades, the importance of Ancestor work in Witchcraft…and how not all of your Ancestors belong on your altar. Kanani reviews The Good Witch and reflects on the Ostara myth. Other digressions include Leap Year babies and weddings, the irritating bygone age of pagers, and banishing remote evil spirits from the storage closet of a Baskin Robbins. Do you love us? Don’t forget to rate and review us on your podcast platform of choice!

Our Guest Today

Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu Mu Neferet is a cultural educator, scholar, motivational speaker, Khametic elder high priestess and queen mother, initiated water priestess, water priestess, storyteller, poet, writer, vocalist, musician, dancer, yogini, artist, arts administrator, filmmaker, and multimedia producer. Dedicated to cultural preservation, cultural reclamation, and creating uplifting, truthful media for Black & Brown people, she is founder/director of AKERU MultiMedia, and UHEMU Black & Brown Storytellers. Former columnist for FIRST WORLD NEWS African American Newspaper Newspaper. Host/producer of ASHE! radio and TV shows. Founder/director of The Zawadi Collective performance ensemble. Founder of AKERU NuAfrakan Network. She is also co-founder of Newark Latino Film Festival and Newark Latino Artist Collective. Queen Mother Imakhu is founder/director and chief instructor of SHENU Art & Yoga Sanctuary (Khametic Temple). Creator of the Drums of Compassion drumming and dance program, which she has taught throughout the U.S. to children and adults since the late 90’s.  Queen Mother Imakhu has taught African Arts Education for Philadelphia’s Point Breeze Performing Arts Center, Boys & Girls Club of Trenton, The Garvey Charter School of Trenton, City of Trenton, NYC Department of Juvenile Justice on behalf of Afrikan Poetry Theatre of Queens, Newark’s Ironbound Community Corporation, Montclair State University, and Orange, NJ  Board of Education. Queen Mother was recently Yoga instructor for City of Newark Recreation Department; executive director and co-founder of the Newark Latino Film Festival. Queen Mother’s most recent film project, “I’ve Got a Vision,” produced for fellow filmmaker Nancy Vazquez, was highlighted by director Ava DuVernay on February 2019’s special online edition of TIME Magazine. A respected poet and writer, Queen Mother Imakhu has emceed spoken word events in Philadelphia, PA and Newark, NJ. Queen Mother is founder of AKERU MultiMedia, and Uhemu Black & Brown Storytellers of NJ. Queen Mother Imakhu’s newest compilation downloadable music/spoken word CD,“The Very Best So Far,” was released on December 19, 2019. Her new documentary series, “The Wisdom Keepers,” begins production in 2020. Her new one woman stage show, “The Water Brought Me Here,” begins touring in 2020, and is booking for schools, theaters, and events. Spiritually, Queen Mother Imakhu was initiated as an ankh carrying high priestess and queen mother through the Shrine of Khpra in Brooklyn, NY. She is an ordained interfaith minister, and is a member of the Newark Interfaith Clergy Alliance. She was also active in NYC Auburn Seminary. She is immortalized as Queen of Cups in the Tarot of the Boroughs contemporary photographic deck. As a Khametic scholar, her research connecting European Elder Futhark Runes to Nile Valley origins, has been considered ground breaking. Her newest book, KHESU DUAU MENI: Khametic Daily Prayers & Rituals, was released in late November 2019. While teaching the importance of maintaining cultural traditions, Queen Mother Imakhu is constantly breaking new ground by redefining practical new applications for today’s world. Queen Mother Imakhu’s proud family lineage includes her maternal ancestor, Billy Artis, who fought in the Nat Turner Uprising, her father, the late Tommie J. Lloyd, first African American American accepted into the New Jersey Tool & Die Association, former South Carolinian Congressman George Washington Murray, former enslaved African who was the only African American Congressman serving during the 53rd and 54th congresses. Queen Mother Imakhu has been celebrating Kwanzaa since 1989. The Nguzo Saba helped to deepen the Black Consciousness she was raised in, and provided a strong framework to raise her children with. She stands by the foundations that have shaped her, and that she proudly shares with community. She has also recently formed the SHENU Harmonious Living Institute.

****”Queen Mother Imakhu wrote a chapter in her book, UNDERSTANDING KHAMETIC MYSTICISM titled ‘African Origins of the Word Witch.’ Based on her research, the ancient Egyptian word Wadjet, the holistic community healing woman, is and was a term of respect, and one she claims for herself instead of “witch.” Queen Mother Imakhu also educates people about how the patriarchy vilified our indigenous healing mother’s, and demonized all terms associated with our natural mystic mother’s, including “witch.” While her personal preference is to reclaim the term Wadjet because it is in the vocabulary of her ancient tradition, she teaches the significance of empowerment of cultural and matriarchal reclamation.”

Resource List

That Witch Life Etsy Store
Khesu Duau Meni: Shenu Khametic Daily Prayer Rituals by Queen Mother Imaku
Mac Mead Hall (McMinnville, OR)
Wild Witches of the Willamette
Odin’s Ravens
Paganicon (Minneapolis, MN) ***Canceled since this recording***
The Enchanted Forest (Salem, OR)
The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock
The Good Witch (Hallmark channel show)
“What To Do With Old Magick Supplies?” blog by Courtney
Columbia-Willamette Pagan Pride (Portland, OR)