Spellcard Packages And Help Those In Need!

Do you love our spell cards? They love you, too!

Your hosts, Kanani, Courtney or Hilary, wrote 9 original spells for you to practice and enjoy at home. Now, you can buy the whole set! Each set includes one That Witch Life Podcast 3″ sticker and the 9 different spell cards. All items are mailed out with a return address of T.W.L. to ensure no one knows your witchy business if you don’t want them to.

Witch Yourself AND Help People In Need!

The Pride Foundation has developed a COVID-19 task force, supporting LGBTQIA+ persons affected by the pandemic. For the entire month of April, That Witch Life will be donating 10% of sales to this important cause. This includes our retail and wholesale merchandise.

Our Famous Spellcards, Wholesale!

Are you a store owner, vendor, or other sort of goody-peddling Witch? Maybe one of your customers wants a touch of Magick…but they aren’t sure what they need?

If so, good news! That Witch Life spell cards are now available wholesale!

With nine different options, each envelope contains an original spell written by one of the co-hosts of That Witch Life Podcast. The spells are beautiful, unique, and involve commonly available ingredients.  The envelopes are embossed with individual patterns to ensure customers can easily buy different spells. Each card is signed by all three co-hosts and includes a 3” vinyl That Witch Life sticker.

The wholesale price is of each card is $3 (minimum order 20) with a suggested retail price of $6, each. We’ll promote your store or company on the podcast and on social media, letting people know where to find the cards….and you! Orders are processed within 3-5 business days. 

20 Wholesale Spell Cards