Bonus Episode: Ask A Witchlet-A Conversation With A 9 Year Old Witch

Hey, guess what? This is an episode you can listen to with your kiddos because we watch our language and everything! Today, Kanani’s daughter Soleil joins us to discuss introducing your children to Witchcraft. She answers listener questions including, what is it like to be a child Witch? How does a child practice Magick? What can children do when teased or bullied for being Witches? Other topics include working through grief, prank calls, and Greyhound bus horror stories.

Our Guest Today

Soleil Self-Portrait

Long before she was born, Soleil made herself known to both her mother (Kanani) and her Auntie Coco (Courtney) via various messages and encounters. Born in Portland OR , Soleil has grown up in an environment with spiritual activity that has sometimes has scared her. She is interested in learning about meditation, Magick and the Fair Folk.  At 9 years old, she has had ghost and fairy encounters and is learning how to react to these sightings.  She is currently a BPSA Scout, learning about nature and conservation.  She is also interested in soccer, dance, crafts and listening to music. Her favorite phrase is “stay strong and be calm.” #mymomwon’tletmeoninsta

Resource List

Cori Taylor Obituary
Pagan Parenting
Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan Families
Raising Witches: Teaching The Wiccan Faith To Children
Family Coven: Birthing Hereditary Witchcraft
Halloweentown at St. Helen’s, OR.
If The Broom Fits (they carry Soleil’s Relaxation spell!)

Episode 11: Have You Talked To Your Kids About Ghosts? Plus, Other Things We’ve Been Up To…

I will end you if you touch my goat.”

Subscribe to us! We’re now on ITunes, Spotify, Pocketcasts and Google Play! Let us know what you think–rate us and leave us a review wherever you get your podcasts. Several months into the podcast, we discuss our individual Magickal practices as of late. Courtney talks about her new book (which makes her cry and gives her nightmares), loss, and Magickal messages from mundane things. Hilary discusses running her first 5K, dedicated to her departed uncle. Kanani leads a discussion on when and how to talk to your kids about Magick and ghosts. Plus, more Dairy Queen adventures and a very “special” guest.

Our Guest Today

Hilary’s screaming goat.

Resource List

Courtney’s book: The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess of Magick and Might
Alberina Kerr
Q Meb