Episode 82: Bealtaine Rites And Magick With Shane Broderick

It’s Bealtaine! It’s the official start of summer in Ireland and a Magickal time for Witches, everywhere. Irish folkorist Shane Broderick joins us to discuss the history of Bealtaine, along with the rites and Magick traditionally practiced at this time. We explore the connection with fire and bonfires, the tricky nature of Bealtaine Magick, and adapting community rituals during lockdowns. P.s., beware of the Faeries! Digressions include Hilary’s online shopping spree, Courtney’s The Fire Starter, Kanani-ween, and an incredible musician from South Africa. A listener’s Ancestral landscape has recently changed. Is there any way to keep certain undesirable Ancestors away? On Patreon: our full conversation with Shane Broderick.

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Our Guest Today

Shane is a folklorist based in Cork City. He graduated, with honours, from University College Cork in 2018 with a BA (HONS) in Irish Folklore and Celtic Civilisation. His studies, under world renowned scholars, have given him great insight into Irish culture from the earliest written histories to modern folk practice. He has carried out folklore fieldwork investigating the local fishing folklore of his hometown of Youghal. He is also an accredited national tour guide. His blog “Ireland’s Folklore and Traditions” and Facebook page of the same name cover a vast array of folklore and Irish material of historical and cultural interest. More at irishfolklore.wordpress.com. Shane also teaches online classes at the Irish Pagan School. 

Resource List

Swandy: The Throne Room (Spotify)
Swandy: The Throne Room (YouTube)
Shane’s Blog
Irish Pagan School
Michael Fortune (Wexford, Ireland)
The Faery Faith (Documentary)

Episode 33: Bealtaine and Pendulums With Thorne Davis

It’s a different kind of Bealtaine for all of us! Your favorite Witches discuss how to celebrate the festive Sabbat while still practicing social distancing. Special guest Thorne Davis joins us to discuss suggestions for a solo-Bealtaine and shares how the pandemic has affected the deaf and hard of hearing communities. They also give us a 101 on working with pendulums. Kanani reviews “The Wicker Man” and may never forgive Courtney, ever. ASL interpretation provided by Mel DeLeon and Grace Totherow.

Our Guest Today

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Thorne Davis was born and raised native to the Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon. Thorne’s pronouns are they/them and he/him. Their family of origin was hearing and religious and their parents divorced when they were young (a whole other story there!). They grew up with all the “isms”: homophobia, etc, among many things. Born deaf, Thorne grew up bilingual in both Sign Language and English. They first came out around 22 to 23 years old, at the same time as they were questioning a lot related to spirituality and religion. During the beginning of the middle of their Saturn return, their innate magic woke up in some pretty major ways and there was no turning back. Thorne’s first steps were Tarot and then onwards to different paths, modalities, etc. There is a constant journey of unfolding and discovery of self and who they are. Thorne is a Gemini sun, Leo rising, and Cancer moon creature person. Several of their identity layers are Super Fae, As They Come, Witchy Magical, Queer, Queer AF, Poly-hearted, Gender-fluid, Trans Masculine, Two Spirit, Walk Between, Pansexual, and so on. Thorne is a total Astro nerd among other things, too. They’re active in a couple of community intersecting spaces, including the Queer and Deaf communities. Email Thorne or follow them on Instagram. Their website is www.spiritoracle.com.

Resource List

“The Folklore of May Day/Bealtaine” by Shane Broderick
Bealtaine On Your Own
The Wicker Man
The Secret of Moonacre
That Witch Life Etsy Store