What’s up witches! David Shi is back with us to talk about his new book, “Spirit Voices: The Mysteries and Magic of North Asian Shamanism”, and we delve into his thoughts and practices in domestic magick. Hillary also has some great info on the magickal uses of Tarragon (The Trauma Herb) for healing spells and home life!

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About Our Guest

 David Shi is a shamanic worker and folk magic practitioner of Manchurian descent. Raised in a household that incorporated both Southeast Siberian and North Chinese practices, David dedicates his spare time to the spiritual traditions of his ancestors and greater Eurasia. Recognized as a sagaasha/ongodtengertei, a future shaman prior to initiation, among both Mongolian and Korean shamans, David’s practices are deeply rooted in spirit work in which ancestral and land spirits are called to empower all workings.  David is the author of the upcoming book “Spirit Voices: The Mysteries and Magic of North Asian Shamanism.” He has also conducted workshops across the country at occult shops such as Catland Books, as well as at festivals such as WitchsFest NYC and the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Heritage Festival, and was featured on the podcasts “This Old Witch” by Alexander Cabot & Eddie Massey, “Witch Hat Chats” by NIkki Kirby, and “Witches & Wine” by Chaweon Koo.

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