The ladies welcome Mat Auryn back to the show to talk about future projects and “The Psychic Art of Tarot” and take some questions from the Patreon community!

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About Our Guest

Mat Auryn is an author and teacher in the fields of occultism and witchcraft, with an audience that extends beyond the United States to an international level. His deep knowledge and experience comes from years of dedicated study, practice, and training in a variety of occult traditions and esoteric orders, often under the guidance of prominent knowledgeable mentors. His award-winning books, “Psychic Witch” and “Mastering Magick,” offer practical insight and practices for those interested in psychic and magickal practices. His forthcoming books include “The Psychic Art of Tarot” and “Pisces Witch” which he co-wrote with Ivo Dominguez, Jr. are due out this fall and available for preorder now.

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