Kanani and Courtney talk about upcoming conventions and appearances and the adjustment from spring to summer and all the comes with it.

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About Our Guest

Amy Blackthorn is the award-winning author of the best-selling Blackthorn’s Botanicals series and the forthcoming Social Media Magic out Aug 20th. She has been described as an “arcane horticulturalist” for her lifelong work with magical plants and teaching. She is a certified firearms instructor, and black belt in Combat Budo. She is ordained through the Order of the Golden Gryphon. Amy’s company, Blackthorns Botanicals, creates tea based on magical associations. She has appeared on HuffPoLive, Netflix’s Top Ten Secrets and Mysteries in an episode about Supernatural Abilities & the AP Newswire. Amy lives in Delaware. You can view Amy’s tea shop at BlackthornsBotancials.com.

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