Courtney and Kanani talk about “working things out” in their heads and out loud and Kanani shares a few stories from her recent trip to New Orleans and the imaginary creatures that reside there. They then welcome Denise Alvarado to talk about Marie Laveau and some of the misconceptions about Voodoo.

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About Our Guest

Denise Alvarado is a bestselling author and artist whose work is inspired by magick, mystery, and the gothic aesthetic. She has written over twenty books and created many works of art that have captivated audiences around the world. A New Orleans born, native Creole raised in the unique culture of New Orleans, Louisiana, Alvarado has studied indigenous healing traditions from a personal and academic perspective for over five decades. Alvarado is an independent researcher and member of the American Anthropological Association, the Association of Indigenous Anthropologists, and the Association of Latina/o & Latinx Anthropologists. Her journey as a tradition keeper and healer began when she was five years old on a Mississippi bayou where her aunt introduced me to the mysteries of Spiritualism. In addition, her Catholic Creole culture of origin informs her work. Her goal has been to bring these forms of healing and empowerment to others for the benefit of our planetary family.


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