The ladies welcome Cawnawyn Mor to the Patreon TWL Witch Squad recording, very fitting as Cawnawyn is a TWL pattern member herself. They discuss music, astrology and take questions from the members!

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Cawnawyn Mor is a composer, astrologer, and eclectic witch. Cawnawyn studied music composition at The Boston Conservatory of Music, Dance, and Theater, and graduated with a B.M.A. at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. Cawnawyn’s music is based on stories of ritual, paganism, fantasy, and folktale. Her debut album, Ushabti underscores a mummification ritual that might have been performed by our ancestors in ancient Egypt. In 2021, Cawnawyn released her single, Under Starlit Skies; a musical celebration of Mabon. She is also the featured Monthly Astrologer on Bonfire Babble Podcast. Cawnawyn shares her music and astrology with audiences during live rituals in partnership with The Divine Warrior Witches; a collaborative project she founded in 2021 with her fellow Coven Sister. Cawnawyn offers additional online astrology classes to those interested in learning her approach to astrology used in her magickal practice at She is blessed to be working and thriving as a High Priestess and composer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region.

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