Courtney and Kanani razz Hilary about her new found Grammy star status and some guests they’d die to have on a future show. They then go in to Nuggets adventures with a king crab stuffy and Kanani’s no good, very bad, unexpected home renovations and the amazing power of community. Lenee Reid joins the show to discuss what inspires them to write and how poetry integrates into their practice?

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Lennée Reid is a Creole, queer, neurodiverse, author, performance poet, and multimedia artist based in Olympia, Washington. They are devoted to topics including diversity, feminism, spirituality, and environmentalism. She is a graduate of Capri College and an Artist Trust, Labor of Love, Freemont Arts Council, and Tacoma Light Trail grant recipient. Lennée is published in her chapbooks “Universal State of Mind” and “Qi Woo Mojo Juju”, available at, in addition to “Awareni” (Last Word Press) The Olympia Tribune, Works In Progress, Confluence Daily, The Cooper Point Journal, and Spectrum Women. Her spoken word albums “The Second Coming of Matriarchy”, “Crazy Thunder Medicine”, and “Awareni” are available at Lennée has featured internationally including Ignite! Seattle and many former PSI Poetry Slams. She was Olympias 2018 Poetry Grand Slam Champion and The first WOWPS representative in 2016. She has opened for Pussy Riot, Ty Barnett, Kottonmouth Kings, and Yak Nasty That Nilla. She was featured in the documentary “Artists Among Us” by the Olympia Film Society, “Lean In Olympia”, “Dabbing with Washington Artists”, “Circle Talk” and “Paradigms”. Lennée has produced Awareni Culture Gathering, Olympia Witches March, Resonate Resolve, and Cascadia Poetry Group. She presented at Puget Sound Pagan Pride, GlowHenge – as featured on Evening Magazine, and was included in “Arising”, an installation by Yoko Ono. Lennée is currently touring with UnityHenge – a social justice blacklight art installation and has shown at Luminata, Relentless, Heart Expansion, Reignition, and is coming to Tacoma Light Trail. You can find Lennée as Admin of the Facebook groups Dream Realm, where you can have your dreams interpreted, and Olympia Witches March to where you can learn and share about spirituality, astrology, and join our yearly solstice event. Lennée makes smudge and speaks on ethical and sustainable smudging. She makes medicinal chai, grows peppers for her own hot sauce, herbal bath soaks, tinctures, reads cards, and performs healing traditional ceremonies.

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