The ladies discuss the 7 levels of hell known as Walgreens pharmacy, cleansing one’s space of clutter and excess and Courtney’s upcoming projects. They then welcome Dana Corby to the show as they discuss witch robes and their importance in Witchcraft.

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Dana Corby is known to many in the Pagan world as the female vocalist and dulcimer player on Gwydion Penderwen’s 1975 “Songs for the Old Religion.” Originally trained in Lady Sara Cunningham’s First Church of Tiphareth, she is now the senior-most practicing High Priestess of the Mohsian Tradition, with all its existing covens descending from her. This tracing of who initiated whom is referred-to in Wicca as lineage, and is important legitimating knowledge within each Tradition.
Dana has always written, first appearing in the Green Egg and by 1976 becoming co-editor of and a regular contributor to the legendary Crystal Well. She has contributed articles to Red Garters, The Witches’ Voice, and numerous small publications; she has also contributed to several anthologies including Aidan Kelly’s “A Tapestry of Witches” and “Keepers of the Flame: Interviews with Pagan Elders,” Morgana Davies & Aradia Lynch, Eds. From 2014 to 2016, she had a twice-monthly blog on the Patheos Pagan Agora. She originally wrote “The Witches’ Runes,” her first Kindle, in 1993, as the instruction manual for the Runestone sets she made. But with the addition of a chapter on how to make them it now stands alone.
Dana has been a fervid defender of Pagans’ civil rights as long as she has been one, starting with an outraged letter to her local police chief for referring to rioters as “godless pagans,” appearing on radio talk shows and sending letters to editors, and after moving to the Pacific Northwest, becoming a community organizer, helping to found first the Earth Religions Cultural Association in Seattle and after moving, the Tacoma Earth Religions Revival Association, a Wiccan/Pagan community-building organization in Pierce County, Washington. In September of 2003, members of TERRA nominated her for Puget Sound Inspirational Woman of the Year. Dana and her HP/husband remain vitally interested in the progress and well-being of the Tacoma Pagan Community, and continue to lead within the Mohsian Tradition.
In her mundane life, Dana is a retired copy editor living on an island in Puget Sound and trying desperately to keep the deer from eating her garden.

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