Fall Equinox rants and raves abound on this weeks episode as the ladies talk about their fav fall festivities and equinox plans.

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Our Guest Today:

Michael Agee

Michael is one of two Executive Co-Directors of Ffynnon, an 80 acre forest property just outside Vernonia, Oregon and an Oregon 501(c)3 nonprofit whose Mission is to be a Sanctuary where Art, Spirit, and Nature meet. Information about Ffynnon can be found at www.ffynnonoregon.com .

Michael joined the Pacific Northwest Neopagan community in 1986 when he made the journey from Kentucky to our lovely Cascadia rainforest. He graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Science in General Studies and a Certificate in Women’s Studies. It was through Women’s Studies that he met the goddess and shortly thereafter moved into “The Mystic Bone Hut”, came out as a gay man, and found his heart’s true home in the pagan community. Stepping into his first public ritual, Michael hand crafted 9 plaster moon masks cast from his housemate’s face to stand around the Circle at a Fall Equinox celebration held at Beacon Rock State Park in Washington. His path has taken him all over the Northwest and it’s been love and do ever since. As a founding board member of both The Nine Houses of Gaia and Other Worlds of Wonder, two other 501(c)3 organizations in the Portland area pagan community, Michael supported the NW Fall Equinox Festival, SunFest, and WinterFest where creating rituals, initiations, temples and magic were all part of his co-creative energies. As Lysios (an epithet of Dionysos meaning “freedom”), Michael is a maenad of the MeliOphis thiasos and of the Spire, a thiasos of Bacchants who have danced and tranced with the God for many years.

This year Michael is co-creating Ffynnon’s Fall Equinox festival celebrating Hekate: Her Rites, Mysteries, and Devotions.


Katrina Bubas Stevens

Katrina has practiced eclectic witchcraft since 1994. Half Greek, half Welsh-Scottish-Norwegian, she was taught by women in her family how to use traditional plants for food, medicine, and protection from curses. In 2003, she invoked the spirit of Aradia and embarked on a journey to Italy. While there, she heard a voice on the wind at the Temple of Diana at Lake Nemi. Shrouded in mystery, the message has left her ever searching for its meaning. This was the foundation for her creation of Aradia’s Festival of Torches, Ffynnon’s 2018 Fall Equinox Festival. Over the years she has studied and attained a Level III Priestesshood with Rev. Dr. Frodo Okulam, and a certificate in Permaculture Design and Social Permaculture with Starhawk. Professionally, Katrina holds a Bachelors of Science in Midwifery and is a retired homebirth midwife, a Level II Reiki practitioner, a holistic herbalist and instructor with The Village Apothecary, and has reconstructed an Ancient Greek healing technique known as incubation. Today, you can find her homeschooling her daughter Roma, foraging for food and medicine, teaching herbal medicine classes, providing healings, and co-creating this year’s Fall Equinox Festival at Ffynnon in honor of Hekate.

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