Courtney, Kanani and Hilary talk about dream interpretation and focus, being a “spicy pickle” and recognizing boundaries. They then welcome Lou Lou la Duchesse de Riere and talk all things burlesque and her upbringing and how it’s influenced her path.


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Lou Lou is a professional burlesque performer, solo practitioner, a fairly recent follower of Hekate. She was raised in many different strict religions (her father’s side of the family are southern black Baptists and her mother’s family are predominantly Iroquois catholics). She spent most of her life on a Mohawk reservation , and became really interested in the practices of their longhouse. Lou Lou also later discovered that many people in her family were sectretly cunning (both of her grandmothers practiced in secret). The three books that really changed the trajectory of her practice and connected a lot of dots for her are “Jambalaya” by Luisha Teish, “Iroquois Supernatural” by Michael Bastine & Mason Winfield and “Hekate: Goddess of Witches” by Courtney Weber. Lou Lou does not belong to a coven, and although she has been practicing for a few years she feels like she is still learning. Her work is influenced a lot by her Black and Indigenous heritage.