Courtney, Kanani and Hilary unpack “The Evening” in Part Deux of “Passion of the Pizza Guy”. We also welcome Stephanie Rose Bird to talk about the history of African American Magick and how our connection to the earth, and the work we do in planting and harvesting affects our magick.

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 Priestess Stephanie Rose Bird is a painter and the author of several bestselling books on earth spirituality, Hoodoo, and anthropology, including Sticks, Stones, Roots and Bones, 365 Days of Hoodoo, Light, Bright and Damned Near White, and African American Magick. Priestess Bird, who holds a BFA cum laude, and MFA as a San Diego Opportunity Fellow, is a devotee of the Divinely Feminine.

She is an Elder, Eclectic Pagan, Magick-maker and keeper of the spiritual wisdom of her indigenous African ancestors. Her work centers around the intersection of earth wisdom and the legacy of black cultural heritage.