Kanani, Courtney and Hilary devolve into madness from the Spring heatwave and discuss Oregon coastal life along with group tattoo ideas. They then talk with returning guest Tanisha Everett about moon magick and implementing that energy into rituals and workings.

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  • Tanisha, also known as The Lunar Priestess, is a captivating storyteller, mystic, tantric practitioner, photographer, author, disabled veteran, and a luxury spiritual wellness business owner. Residing in the vibrant city of Anaheim, CA, Tanisha finds herself immersed in the wondrous world of green magic. Surrounded by nature’s abundance and the mystical energy of the land, she draws inspiration from the natural elements and lunar cycles, infusing her work with their potent essence. Tanisha breathes life into the ancient tales of goddesses from diverse cultures worldwide. Through her gifted storytelling, she aims to ignite a deep resonance within women, rekindling their connection to the true essence of the divine feminine and the empowering archetypes that lie within them. She firmly believes that embracing these archetypes can lead to personal and collective healing, fostering a harmonious society free from the scars inflicted by patriarchal structures.