Courtney and Kanani talk about Courtney’s travels to, and listener encounters at, “Between the Worlds/Sacred Space” conference. They also test some of YOUR pick up lines for Kanani and see what’s a hit and what’s a dud! They then welcome Emily Dexter to the show and discuss her psychic history and practice with people and pets.

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Emily Dexter is a renowned professional psychic, psychic activator, and author with over 10 years of experience in her field. With a passion for uncovering hidden truths and channeling in historical figures from the past, Emily has gained a reputation as the “Oracle of Lost Histories.” She has helped countless individuals release blocks, connect with their spirit guides, and activate their psychic abilities.Through her work, Emily is dedicated to helping people tap into their inner wisdom and connect with the spiritual realm. She is committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise with the world and works hard to make spirituality accessible and simple for everyone.