It’s the Spring Equinox and we (try to) talk all about it! Author and podcaster Devin Hunter joins us to talk about a very special element of Witching….house plants! We talk all about how to care for house plants and how they can aid in Magick. Plus, how we hate Daylight Savings Time, gossip from the dark side of The Price is Right, and Courtney’s latent insecurities.

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Devin Hunter is the bestselling author of the Witch Power Series (Llewellyn 2016-2018), the creator of Modern Witch (Podcast, Blog, Magazine,, as well as a professional psychic medium and occultist. He is part owner of Satyr’s Inc. and an initiate of multiple occult orders, including his own, Sacred Fires and is the cofounder of the Black Rose Tradition of Witchcraft. He has been featured in multiple publications and is a frequent presenter and keynote at conferences, and festivals throughout the nation. His highly anticipated fourth book, Modern Witch: Spells, Recipes, and Workings (Llewellyn 2020), a pictorial spell book and grimoire, was released this February. Connect with Devin at