Hilary, Courtney and Kanani welcome Monica Divane back to the podcast to talk about her involvement with butterflies and what makes them magickal.

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About Our Guest

Monica is a queer Indigenous Latinx bruja and a homeschooling mom of 2. Her Mayan & Taino roots play a big part in her craft. She has been married for 19 years and is currently living in Central Florida. She’s a Mer Witch & a Hearth Witch- her home is her sacred space, and she loves to bake vegan food for her friends and family. You will usually find her crafting something new, raising monarchs, gardening, reading, dancing, hiking, camping, and hanging out on the beach or springs. Monica works for Veggie Mijas which is a WOC/NBPOC Collective that focuses on veganism, decolonization, and environmental justice. She’s a geek and an activist and is teaching her boys to do so much good in this world.