Hilary and Cory (?!?) talk about the upcoming Mini-con and Ostara plans, along with a King Cake mishap! We then talk incense and herbal magick with Annie Aube and where her love for runes and plants began and the power of scent.

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Growing up in rural Alaska, Annie (she/her) would spend the summers running barefoot through the forest and talking to flowers. She concocted potions and made many of her own toys. The love of making has been a vital aspect of her life, eventually leading her to a Masters in Fine Art. The harsh weather and extreme change in the light in Alaska drew her to a Norse/Celtic pagan spiritual path. As the owner of Necessary Magic she works with Runes, Herbal Magic and Tarot, crafting ritual objects and imbuing them with the intention of bringing healing and beauty into the world. Most of the herbs she uses she has picked herself as well as sourcing them from local farmers. She lives in Portland, Oregon and spends her time biking around foraging for herbs, gardening with her partner and going to see movies at the theater.