Kanani and Hillary are taking the reins while Courtney is on parental leave and they’re chatting with Jack Chenek about his new book “Queen of all Witcheries”, which explores modern Goddess religion through a historical lens.

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Our Guest Today:

Jack Chanek is a Gardnerian Wiccan priest and Tarot reader. He first started reading Tarot at eleven years old, and from there he found is way into magic and witchcraft. Jack writes and teaches about Wicca, Paganism, and Tarot. His previous books are Qabalah for Wiccans and Tarot for Real Life; his forthcoming book, Queen of all Witcheries, releases in June 2023 and explores modern Goddess religion through a historical lens. Jack also runs a YouTube channel and a blog where he discusses topics related to witchcraft and divination. He lives in New Jersey, where he works as an academic philosopher researching the history of philosophy and specializing in eighteenth-century German metaphysics.

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