Blessed Imbolc, friends! Anthony Murphy joins us from Ireland discuss the mythology and practices of Imbolc, plus the potential connections with pre-historic peoples as revealed in the ancient monuments of Ireland, and a whole bunch of other things that make our Nerd-Witch brains go wild. Enjoy the earliest days of Spring (or if you’re in the southern hemisphere….the earliest days of autumn!!!)   On Patreon:  Ad-free version of this episode.

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Our Guest Today:

Anthony Murphy is the author of nine books about ancient Ireland, non-fiction and fiction, the discoverer of ‘Dronehenge’, a Late Neolithic henge near Newgrange, a scriptwriter and narrator for Lú Festival of Light – Drogheda 2022, as well as a toryteller for DRAWDA Urban Art Festival mythological murals. He was the discoverer of several ancient dugout boats in the river Boyne, a contributor to TV programmes with National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery Science, Channel 4, RTÉ and TG4, and found 300 previously unrecorded monuments using Google Earth and Apple Maps. With over 120,000 followers on social media – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, Anthony is married with five children and lives in the Boyne Valley.

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