Podcasting is its own Magick, and just like Witchcraft is a craft…so is podcasting! Juju Bae of the iHeartRadio Award nominated podcast “A Little Juju” joins us to talk about the power in the podcasting medium, the Magickal community it can build, and the necessity of these communities to keep the medium going. Digressions include what it might mean when you fall out of your Witchcraft routine, and how you might get back on it.  On Patreon:  Ad-free version of this episode.

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Our Guest Today:

Juju Bae is a proud, Black millennial woman from Baltimore, Maryland with ancestral roots in West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina and Alabama. A spiritual organizer, cunty-conjurer, hoodoo, artist, and BAE, she believes liberation is attainable with our ancestors’ guidance. Juju Bae is an advocate for Black (brown and indigenous) folks returning to our ancestral ways of living, thriving and being in community — holistically, with Spirit and gathered together. Juju is the host of A Little Juju Podcast and founder of Juju Bae—your favorite multimedia resource for all things Black Ass Spirituality. It is in her destiny to support and remember alongside Black folks, the tools that our ancestors left them to regain freedoms, experience deep joy, and manifest the realities that they are owed. Juju is a proud Spelman College alum and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

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