It’s the most wonderful EPISODE of the year!!!! We are bringing out everyone’s favorite game: “Hallmark or Horror Movie”? Using only basic descriptions of Hallmark or horror movies released in 2022, can our players tell if it’s a heartwarming cheesy holiday flick or a heart-stopping cinematic bloodbath? Will Kanani defend her title for a fourth year in a row….or lose to one of our special guests: Cory Drake, our illustrious editor, and Fancy Phil, our graphics guy. Digressions include: Black is the favorite color, favorite movies, theme songs of our lives, life-changing books, coffee or tea, bang-able celebrities, and favorite TWL dumpster-fire-sh*t-show moments…  On Patreon:   Ad-free and video version of the show, plus a print-out of “Hallmark or Horror” to play at your holiday celebrations.

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Our Guests Today:

Cory Drake is our FABULOUS editor and a podcaster in his own right, and Fancy Phil is our FABULOUS graphics designer.

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