We think about herbs in the spring and summertime, but what about herbs in the winter? Herbalist and Green Witch Shay Koloff joins us to talk about how herbs can be beneficial to both Magick and health when the weather turns cold. Plus, go-to blends for herbal smoke cleansings and mistakes people might make when using herbs. (NOTE: Consult a medical professional before taking any herbs internally.) Other digressions include a few anti-Santas and wintertime urban legends. On Patreon: When your partner opens the door to Magick and “Ursula in a Jar”: Will it turn us into sea hags???

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Our Guest Today:

Zenith Moon Co. was established in 2018! Shay Koloff found out she was pregnant in 2016 after just 4 months of marriage to her husband. After being diagnosed with diabetes in 2014 and going through the longest process of western medicine to help her needs, she was unable to reach her desired health goals after years of going to her primary doctor. Once her daughter was born, she transform her life starting with vegetable gardening. She started volunteering in a community garden in her Oklahoma neighborhood back in 2018, and from there it evolved into building her own garden, growing herbs, and making teas! Since then she’s moved to Colorado to further her health journey, while studying herbalism, and to date her company has manufactured over 10 products that are wildly popular, effective, and highly recommended by customers and the owner who uses her products to improve her medical needs with herbal medicine!

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