We are bringing in our newest BFF, Maurice Ka of rosehousebotanicals.com, to discuss spiritual baths: what makes a spiritual bath, why they are important for Witches, and common mistakes with them. Maurice also discusses the classes he offers and his fabulous store, along with our hilarious meeting! Plus, Kanani’s unfortunate tooth disaster, the Magickal use of juniper, and incorporating Magick into the “every day.”  On Patreon:  On extended version, a Magickal cat without a name, the spiritual (and sometimes hilarious) moments as family members prepare to pass.

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Our Guest Today:

Maurice Ka is a versatile and dynamic Denver based artist, DEI facilitator, community organizer and curator of arts and activism for nearly two decades. In addition to being a Spiritualist and Olorisha (Oni Sango) initiated to the Orisha Sango in 2007 through a blended spiritual inheritance of Afro-Cuban Lucumi and West African Ifa lineages, Maurice is a Collaborative Partner at Rosehouse Botanicals (a Living Botanica and purveyor of apothecary goods). rosehousebotanicals.com

Resource List:

Mutiny Information Cafe (Denver, CO)

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