We’re in the thick of the holidays and our friend Dawn Hunt of Cucina Aurora is back to talk about the food Magick at this time of year! Dawn shares with us her delicious plans for the season, plus good potluck items to infuse with Magick, the challenges of being a Witch among family who doesn’t get it, plus our love for the word “baste.” Hilary shares the Magick of cloves, Kanani shares her personal Twilight Zone experience, and Courtney reads more terrifying theories of the universe.  On Patreon: An Evil Robot Warning, more awkward clove encounters, imposter syndrome, and Magickal coffees.

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Our Guest Today:

Dawn Aurora Hunt, owner and CEO of Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery located in Salem NH, has been teaching and writing on the topics of Kitchen Witchery and Spiritual Nutrition since 2010, when she started her own company making gourmet foods with a dash of magic and a heaping helping of positive vibes as the main ingredients. With simple ingredients and the power of intention, Hunt’s Olive Oils, Risottos and other gourmet foods help people cook simple meals in a mindful way with loads of flavor and good vibes!  Incorporating magic and energy work into food, she has grown her brand to reach local markets in over 500 stores nationally. The author of A Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Love & Romance (Simon & Schuster 2020) and Kitchen Witchcraft for Beginners (Calisto Media 2022) she speaks at events all along the East Coast, appears regularly on local TV on WMUR’s Cooks Corner as well as Nationally on QVC,  teaching people that good, healthy, and even gluten-free food can be easy to make and wonderful to eat.

Resource List:

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Peppermint Whore Mocha Tumbler
“It’s A Dead Person!” Travel Bag

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