We are re-releasing this episode as we lost the newer episode we recorded at Denver Pagan Pride! Enjoy this blast from the past! Recorded before a live audience at a VERY rainy Pagan Pride Day at Oaks Park in Portland, OR. We answer questions from audience members and listeners. Questions include: how to find Witchcraft community, how to find a group, what to do when you don’t feel particularly Magickal, suggested resources for intermediate-advanced Witches, and the possibility that certain well-meaning Ancestors might be standing in your Witchy way. Plus, rituals with Kanani’s kids, Hilary’s record plant purchase, and the time Courtney ate soap at a Pagan Pride event. On Patreon: Ad-free version of this episode.

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Resource List

Pagan Pride Network
Annwyn Avalon
Ninefold Festival
Mythic Moons of Avalon
Jenna Greene
Rondo’s Luck Shop
Enchanted of Salem (Laurie Cabot’s store)
Hilary’s Show on 9/22
The Plant Spirit Familiar
Q Meb
The Raven’s Wing Magical Company
Interview with Erika Fortner
Christopher Penczak
Mat Auryn
Chiron Armand
Jason Mankey
Devin Hunter
Modern Witch Podcast
Down at the Crossroads Podcast
New World Witchery
Sons of the Goddess
Sacred Living Movement–Sacred Brotherhood Retreat
Andrea Weston

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