We are live in Denver, CO at Witchfest! We’re meeting with Tahverlee (in person!!!) to discuss the process of creating a public Witchcraft event, and the intention behind drawing in people who don’t (yet) identify as Witches. Plus, our Denver adventures! Creating a space of activation. On Patreon:Ad-free version of this episode!

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Our Guest Today:

The founder of the largest event of its kind, WitchFest. Tahverlee Anglen is a spiritual coach, social impact entrepreneur, Tik Tok star, modern feminist icon and ‘real-life’ witch, who helps people create their own realities and reclaim their sovereignty by pushing the edge of society’s assumptions. As a witchcraft educator, she shows women how to take control of their innate spiritual gifts, re-connect to their bodies and re-establish connections to Mother Nature. She understands what it’s like straddling between a desire to live both a traditional and philanthropic life, a similar conundrum experienced by many would-be witches today. Her background in business means she approaches spiritual coaching- specifically, witchcraft-in a way that is both practical AND sacred. It all boils down to one simple concept: You are already a woman, warrior, healer and witch, but because of society and how you’ve been conditioned, you’ve squelched your inner witch. But the good news is, once you awaken it you’ll create your own reality based on this truth.

Resource List:

Spiritual AF Deck
WitchFest (Denver, CO)

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