Tickets are now available for So Mote That Con ’22: A virtual conference on living as a Witch as today’s world on October 15-16, 2022!!!  Get yours at this link!  We are delighted to chat with Sherry Shone, the author of Hoodoo for Everyone. Sherry chats with us about Hoodoo–what it is and misconceptions around it, plus how it can be accessed respectfully by people who are not Black, as well as how it is accessible to Queer people. Digressions include bottle trees and The Blue Lady. Plus, Storm Faerywolf joins us to talk about his class at So Mote That Con, and gets possessed (maybe???) by an evil robot. A listener went to a ritual and came home with strange, physical symptoms. What happened and how can they fix it?  On Patreon:   Teenage Dirtbag Confessions and weird punishments we got as children, getting confirmation from Spirit, Sherry’s hopes for her book, and a US Supreme Court Justice who might be a Hoodoo worker, himself….

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Our Guests Today:

That Hoodoo Lady (Sherry Shone) resides in Oregon with her wife and 3 dogs that have rescued her. They are proud mamas to their brilliant adult daughter. Sherry is proud of her Black, White, and First Native heritages and honors them using hoodoo work. She has two books on the subject and working on her first divination deck. As a professional hoodoo practitioner, she witnesses the power of Spirit in her practice as a licensed minister. She has given classes in hoodoo, tarot, conjure and rootwork traditions for several years and the culmination of this knowledge is gratefully shared in all of her works. When not writing, she is gardening, researching haunted spots across North America and keeping in touch with her readers.

Storm Faerywolf is a published author, experienced teacher, visionary poet, and professional warlock. Drawn to the occult at an early age, he went on to be trained and initiated into various streams of witchcraft, most notably the Faery tradition, where he holds the Black Wand of a Master. He is chancellor of Modern Witch University, an online school offering spiritual and magical instruction, and a founding teacher of Black Rose, a course in practical folkloric witchcraft. He is also the founder of BlueRose, a lineage of the Faery tradition. His books include “Betwixt & Between”, “Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft”, “The Witch’s Name”, and “The Satyr’s Kiss”. He makes his home in the San Francisco Bay area with his loving partners and a menagerie of animals and plants. For more about his work, or to book a private session, visit

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