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Our Guests Today:

Vincent Higginbotham is not initiated in any traditional form or witchcraft practice. Instead, he is mostly self taught. Vini follows his gut in all things magic but spends plenty of time researching to be sure his intuition is informed by wisdom before setting his intentions. It is Vincent’s goal to empower other the way he wishes he had been empowered in his early years. Vini has a dedicated practice with the goddess Hekate. He is the author of How Witchcraft Saved My Life and co-author of the forthcoming Thrifty Witchery. He lives in the Southeast with his husband, youngest son, and dogs.

Martha Kirby Capo is a Solitary Witch currently working with Brigid, Hekate, Cernunnos, and Pan. She is the page manager of Patheos Pagan’s shared blog The Agora, where she writes as The Corner Crone. Martha’s Moments for Meditation can be heard on KPPR Pure Pagan Radio and on her YouTube channel. She has been extensively anthologized through Skinner House books and has written for several magazines, including Witchology and an upcoming issue of SageWoman. Martha has been a presenter at Florida Pagan Gathering, Turning the Tide, and Mystic South. She is a member of Covenant of the Goddess and Circle Sanctuary. Her book Thrifty Witchery, co-authored with Vincent Higginbotham, is available April 2023.

Multimedia artist Ros?a Crean (they/them) jokingly says they “create strange things that they like to appreciate when they are by themself, eating raw cookie dough in a dark closet,” but in truth, their music has been referred to as being “funny…and virtuosic” (Classic Concert Nova Scotia), having “exceptionally different, outstanding quality” (Download), and music that “stirs you deep, undertones of humanity” (Access Contemporary Music). As a person with synesthesia, Crean occasionally creates projects that focus on their own neurological responses between sound, color, and emotional states. Their chromesthesia was a creative tool in their 2019 American Prize winning opera, “The Great God Pan,” based on the novella by Arthur Machen. As an artist, Ros?a specializes in what they call “liminal abstract” works. Crean considers their chromesthesia as a tool that puts them in a liminal space between mind and body. A Pulitzer nominee for their monodrama “The Priestess of Morphine,” Crean has done development work with MoMA, and has been a featured artist at the International Museum of Surgical Science, Illinois State University, and Loyola University Museum of Art. Ros?a has been a practicing Hekatean witch and healer for 25 years. They are an active art therapist, occultist, ceremonial magician, and Reiki Master Teacher. Their current project, “Morning Star,” a performance art piece about the patriarchal scapegoating of Lucifer as a reason for oppressive control of women and marginalized identities, will premiere in May of 2024.

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