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Episode 154: DON’T FEAR THE RETROGRADE! With Lisa Jade Plus Papa Hector Salva

Tickets are now available for So Mote That Con ’22: A virtual conference on living as a Witch as today’s world on October 15-16, 2022!!!  Get yours at the early-bird rate at this link!  Are your social media feeds clogged with “OMG! Mercury in Retrograde!” memes? Fear not the Retrograde! Witch and Astrologer Lisa Jade returns to tell us why we have no need to worry about the plethora of Retrogrades coming up this fall. Discussion includes what you can do when there ARE problems during Retrogrades, and digressions include adventures in Montgomery, AL. Plus, Papa Hector Salva catches us up on what’s been going on with him, including ceremonies post-Covid, and religious abuse from leaders AND followers. Both Lisa and Papa Hector give us sneak peeks of our classes at SMTC! A listener, who was adopted as a young child, wants to connect with their biological Ancestors, but isn’t sure where to start. What are some best practices when you don’t know your Ancestors, personally? On Patreon:  Extended, ad-free version: Hey! We’re Witches! We are not powerless…why do we think we are? The Magick when planets go direct, what forgiveness looks like for Witches, getting “unstuck” in Magick, and Magickal Farmstead work, plus the word we all HATE.

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Our Guest Today:

Lisa Jade is an NCGR-PAA1 certified natal astrologer, and owner of Living the Liminal, Modern Witchcraft Musings, where she writes, and offers readings and birth chart interpretations. Jade is a 4th degree initiate in the Temple of Witchcraft, and lives her life in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, haphazardly attempting to run a farmstead with integrated permaculture practices.

Resource List:

Papa Hector Salva
Columbia Willamette Pagan Pride

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