It’s August which means in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to celebrate Lúnasa! Lúnasa is the start of autumn in Ireland and Orlagh Minxie Costello returns to tell us all about the history of the holiday and its modern Magickal and secular celebrations. Plus, the awesomeness of being a godparent! Hilary shares blackberry Magick and Courtney shares her unfortunate postoffice incident. Digressions include the grossest recipes and Kanani’s earthquake sensitivity. On Patreon: The conclusion of the story of The Pig Next Door.

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Our Guest Today:

Orlagh is an Irish Pagan Catholic, working most of the time with Irish Brigid, but sure the rest of the family drop in as they wish, as well. Orlagh works with energy, whether reiki, reflexology or her own Brigidine practices. This year, she is working through a series of rituals to mark the four fire festivals, Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine and Lúnasa, as part of her commitment to Brigid to deepen her ritual practice. She has a strong interest in the Irish language, speaking it, using it, learning more of it and considers it a vital part of an Irish Pagan practice (or indeed any interest in getting to know Ireland in general!) She can be found at or in the Brigid’s Forge facebook group.

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