Wow, it’s a weird time to be a human! After two years of tough news and a week of devastating news here in the USA, Witch, author, licensed clinical social worker and certified holistic health practitioner Durgadas Allon Duriel joins us to discuss the role mental health has in a Magickal practice. We explore grounded optimism, avoiding spiritual bypassing and toxic positivity, and how we can holding space for both anger, fear, grief, and joy particularly in the wake of losing reproductive access. And for those of you who love our most train-wreck intros….enjoy! On Patreon:  Ad-free version of this episode!

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Our Guest Today:

Durgadas Allon Duriel (San Francisco, CA) is a licensed clinical social worker and a certified holistic health practitioner working in private practice. He is also an astrologer, yogi, and magic worker, having practiced magic since childhood and eventually discovering modern paganism and Wicca in high school and later initiating into a Hermetic order in 2005. He trained there intensively for two-and-a-half years, focusing on astrology, Kabbalah, Yoga, tarot, and ritual, which he continues to study and practice. He holds a master’s degree in social welfare from UCLA.

Resource List

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The Fizz Wizard
The Helvatia Lavender Festival
The Enchanted Forest

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