The Summer Solstice is here again! What do the stars have to say about it? Astrologer and coach Brittany Goss of Rebel Astrology joins us to discuss using astrology and coaching to embrace confidence, speak up, and getting guidance. Plus, Venus in your hosts’ respective signs, Hilary and Courtney’s reflections on the Tori Amos show, and Courtney’s perfect encounter with a famous Seattle-based podcaster. On Patreon:  Kanani’s day-drinking at the zoo, the finite differences between Portland and Seattle, and the astrological phenomenon behind teenagers flocking to the Ouija board.

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Our Guest Today:

Brittany Goss is the astrologer, witch, and women’s empowerment coach behind Rebel Astrology. She works with women who are ready to take the risk and step onto their authentic path, regardless of what others think. She loves helping her clients find their clarity, access their confidence, and achieve their deepest personal desires. She has been a practicing witch since she self-dedicated at fifteen years old, and is now a second-degree member of the North Wyldewood Coven. A devotee of Hekate, her favorite magical practices besides astrology include journeying, creative writing, and working with plant spirits. She can be found outside on clear nights, gazing at the moon and stars from her home in Vermont.

Instagram: @rebelastrology

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