Get your tickets to LOL! And Trouble–our virtual conversation with Paige Vanderbeck, the Fat Feminist Witch on June 10!  Happy Pride, Witches! Qabala has a role in the work of many Witches, but it also has a lots of manifestation as a tool for affirming Queerness. Enfys Book joins us to discuss their new book, Queer Qabala. We discuss how the Qabala has paths that are open to people of many faiths and how Queerness manifests in this ancient system. Plus, the aftermath of our dumpster-fire intro from the last episode, Courtney has EVEN MORE issues with Teal Swan, Kanani’s new endeavor, and a surprise for Hilary from a TWL listener fave!!!!  On Patreon: Wrapping up the Supernatural binge, and our favorite playlists–past and present!

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Our Guest Today:

Enfys Book (they/them) is a high priestx (3rd degree) of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel tradition in the mid-Atlantic. They are the author of “Queer Qabala: Nonbinary, Genderfluid, Omnisexual Mysticism & Magick” (Llewellyn, June 2022). They have taught many classes on Tarot, Hermetic Qabala, and queering one’s magical practice, including “The Genderqueer Tree of Life,” “Qabala’s Queer Connections,” and “Queering Your Magickal Practice.” As a nonbinary, bisexual pagan, Enfys employs a queer lens to break down limiting binaries in magickal theory and practice, and advocate for bi-, trans-, non-binary/genderqueer-, queer-, and asexual-visibility and inclusion. They are also the creator of, a website devoted to queer magickal practice with a focus on Qabala, and host a biweekly livestream interview show called “4 Quick Q’s: Book Talk with Enfys,” wherein they interview pagan authors using questions determined by a roll of the dice. The One Link To Rule Them All:


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