Sometimes spells don’t work…but does that mean the Witch did something wrong? Blogger and Witch Bader Saab joins us to talk about what it might mean when a spell doesn’t go as planned…but also why that may not be a bad thing. He also discusses with us the journey of a modern-day Sha’ir. Plus, your Witches are full of rage regarding the SCOTUS leak and have things to say about it. Digressions include Kanani’s continued Supernatural binge, invoking the cast of “Charmed” in protection Magick and a brand-new segment: “Twist Kanani’s Brain” where we explore The Fourth Dimension. Courtney is back from COVID and Hilary is back from vocal rest. On Patreon: When Magick goes right….plus rescuing men in grocery stores, our favorite memes, unfortunate cloud incidents, and the trends we don’t want to see again, and Courtney’s adventure in a haunted monastery.

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Our Guest Today:

Bader Saab is a digital journalist, a solitary, eclectic witch, and a self-proclaimed modern-day Sha’ir. He has been practicing Witchcraft since he was a teenager, but only recently found his way as a modern-day sha’ir, which is a pre-Islamic priest who was thought to be in league with the Gods and the jinn, capable of doing magic and inspiring his tribe and its warriors through poetry. In the mundane world, he has a master’s degree in communications, works as a columnist, reviews Gothic studies books, and writes fantasy novels.

Resource List

Bader Saab Blog: A Modern Day Sha’ir
Our conversation with Judika Illes
A Beginner’s Guide To The Fourth Dimension

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