Get your tickets to LOL! And Trouble–our live, virtual conversation with Paige Vanderbeck of Fat Feminist Witch: June 10, 6pm, Pacific time! A Witch Wedding Episode!!! Liz Williams, Priestess and author of Modern Handfasting, talks with us about her new book, as well as the history of handfastings, what to do when things go wrong on the big day, and some delicious disaster wedding stories. We also explore a few warnings with regards to love Magick. Digressions include our dream Vegas vacations, Courtney’s COVID drama, Hilary’s tooth and vocal drama, and Kanani’s nail and missed soccer game drama. Plus, Kanani’s recent food poll. A listener wants to make their Magick more powerful. How can they do that? On Extended, Ad-free version on Patreon: Kanani’s continued Supernatural exploration, cool British accents, handfasting cords, and legal credentials for handfastings.

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Our Guest Today:

Liz Williams is a science fiction and fantasy writer living in Glastonbury, England, where she is co-director of a witchcraft supply business. She has been published by Bantam Spectra (US) and Tor Macmillan (UK), also Night Shade Press and appears regularly in Asimov’s and other magazines. She has been involved with the Milford SF Writers’ Workshop for 20 years, and also teaches creative writing at a local college for Further Education. Novels are: THE GHOST SISTER (Bantam Spectra), EMPIRE OF BONES, THE POISON MASTER, NINE LAYERS OF SKY, BANNER OF SOULS (Bantam Spectra – US, Tor Macmillan – UK), DARKLAND, BLOODMIND (Tor Macmillan UK), SNAKE AGENT, THE DEMON AND THE CITY, PRECIOUS DRAGON, THE SHADOW PAVILION (Night Shade Press) WINTERSTRIKE (Tor Macmillan) and THE IRON KHAN (Morrigan Press) and WORLDSOUL (Prime). The Chen series is currently being published by Open Road. Her next novel, COMET WEATHER, was published by New Con Press in 2020 along with a sequel, BLACKTHORN WINTER in 2021. A third novel in this series, EMBERTIDE, is due in June 2022. A non-fiction book on the history of British paganism, MIRACLES OF OUR OWN MAKING, was published by Reaktion Books in 2020, and MODERN HANDFASTING by Llewellyn in 2021. Her first short story collection THE BANQUET OF THE LORDS OF NIGHT was also published by Night Shade Press, and her second and third, A GLASS OF SHADOW and THE LIGHT WARDEN, are published by New Con Press as is her recent novella, PHOSPHORUS. The Witchcraft Shop Diaries (1 and 2) are published by New Con Press. Her novel BANNER OF SOULS has been nominated for the Philip K Dick Memorial Award, along with 3 previous novels, and the Arthur C Clarke Award.

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