The Witch’s greatest tool is the Self. We know about working Magick to touch our Spirits, but what about Magick to touch our skin? Performance artist, costumer, and Witch Deity Delgado joins us to share her story of experiencing illness, and how it led her to building a spirit-infused skincare line. Digressions include burlesque stories, and Courtney reading Tarot in her underwear. It’s just Courtney and Hilary in the intro, while Kanani tends to a kid with a busted appendix! A listener lives far from their sister and ailing parents. What kind of Magick can they do to support their family while they’re so far apart? On Patreon: Courtney and Hilary share Magickal reads, and Magickal decluttering…plus our full interview with Deity!

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Our Guest Today:

Deity Delgado is a performance artist, costumer, and Witch living in Brooklyn. Four years ago, she became sick with Guillaine – Barre Syndrome, an auto immune disease that attacks the peripheral nervous system.
This is the story of her journey from pain to wellness. She created the I Delgado Skincare line for people that love natural skincare. These products are based on Deity’s practical, hands – on research into the various healing properties of magnesium chloride. Tapping into the knowledge she retained from her journey studying aromatherapy, Deity was inspired to create this line of wellness lotions, creams and body oils using the sensual properties of shea butter, coconut oil, salts, sugars and essential oils.

Resource List

I Delgado Skincare 
Tarot of the Boroughs

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