Bohemian Magick….is it Magick of Bohemia? Or Magick of the artists? The answer is….yes! Artist and Witch Veronica Varlow joins us to discuss her dynamic new book Bohemian Magick and explores Bohemian Magick with us, and how it is helpful to all Witches, today! We also discuss the power in a name, the blessings of being difference, and some of the fabulous spells in Veronica’s book. Plus, Magick for the upcoming Full Moon! A listener had great Magickal power as an adolescent, but feels separated from it, now. How can they get back to it? On Patreon: Our full conversation with Veronica, exploring art, ritual, and Magick.

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Our Guest Today:

Veronica Varlow is the last of a line of Bohemian Witches, a fourth-generation intuitive, and international burlesque showgirl. She is the best-selling author of Bohemian Magick: Witchcraft and Secret Spells to Electrify Your Life. She is the founder of Spectaculus Witchcraft – a tradition of Witchcraft that holds the Bohemian roots of her Grandma Helen mixed with Varlow’s own rock and roll art Magick. She is a confidence and sensuality coach who has been featured on the Tonight Show, Playboy, CNN, and MTV in 150 countries worldwide.Her client list includes Chanel, Tiffany & Co., Vogue, Marc Jacobs, Creative Time with David Byrne, and the Whitney Museum. She is one of the co-founders of the infamous Chelsea Hotel Coven in NYC.

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