This bonus episode is a re-release from our conversation with Orlagh in January, 2021! It may feel like winter, but could we be seeing the start of Spring? Orlagh Minxie Costello joins us from Ireland to discuss the holiday of Imbolc and the Goddess Brigid. We also explore Pagan Catholicism, manifestations of Brigid, and celebrating Imbolc today, even if you’re not in Ireland! A listener is having trouble with her husband’s ex. What can she do, magickally, to keep this person away?

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Our Guest Today

Orlagh Minxie Costello currently describes herself as a Pagan Catholic who works mostly with Brigid, in any form she chooses to present herself, within the Irish pantheon, but sure as we all know, the rest of the family invite themselves over from time to time. Orlagh runs a group on Facebook called Brigid’s Forge, where Brigid in any of her guises is discussed. Orlagh writes a blog, also called Brigid’s Forge, dedicated to Brigid, daily practice, devotions, reviews and anything else she fancies writing about.  Orlagh is involved in women’s circles in various ways and practices energy work for fun. By day, she masquerades as an engineer.

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