Three years of That Witch Life! Author and editor Judika Illes talks with us about reasons to be excited about modern Witchcraft…and possible concerns for its future. We also reflect on the past three years and how they have shaped our current Witchcraft practices. Digressions include Kanani’s “devastating” news, Courtney’s neighbor’s surprise, and how we’re haunting listener dreams. A listener’s credit card was compromised and the thief charged $5,000 on it. What Magickal actions can they take to shine a light on their actions? On Patreon: Full, ad-free conversation with Judika (including advice from would-be Metaphysical writers, and a classic Hilary prank, plus invading people’s dreams, and the possibility of Kanani writing a book, and Courtney’s most recent bad review.), plus a re-release of our very first episode!

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Our Guest Today:

Judika Illes is an author, editor, card reader, educator, aromatherapist, and spiritual advisor. She has been a lover, student, and practitioner of the magical arts since childhood. Her numerous books include the recently published Daily Magic: Spells and Rituals for Making the Whole Year Magical, as well as the bestselling Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, Encyclopedia of Spirits, Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, and The Big Book of Practical Spells. Judika works as an editor for Weiser Books. She teaches in the US and internationally, live and virtually. Follow her on Instagram @judikailles.

Resource List

Kanani’s Blog (and where you can get a reading from her)
Weiser Books

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