Hey. It’s not always feasible, or safe, for a Witch to be out of the broom closet! Seba O’Kiley of The Southern Fried Witch Podcast joins us to talk about a Witch might want to stay closeted. We also explore what it’s like to be a Witch in the Bible Belt of the USA. Digressions include Magick for the December full moon (The Cold Moon), and the revelation of Kanani’s real name. A non-peopley listener is heading off to the most peopley place on the planet: Disney World. What kind of protection and grounding can they plan for? On Patreon: Southern Magick in the red clay of Alabama.

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Our Guest Today:

Seba O’Kiley is a professor of literature (have been for over twenty years) and a micro farmer.  The first job enables her to do the second: the latter is now her priority in her older years.  She has an organic tiny farm in Alabama that has become a sanctuary for everything from turkey vultures to tree frogs. Here, her spirituality has spilled over into and flows back from living in balance with nature: no pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic chemicals are allowed on the land.   She is also a writer under her “government name” and publishes regularly on the subject of farming, nature, and spirituality. Seba has a tiny coven that she has taught for eleven years. Having become more and more private and protective of her magical work and practice, her coven now consists of only three and a half folks (one of her children has visited with them on a regular basis since the onset of the pandemic). She is a new Crone now and grandmother to a little girl who is the light of her life. Seba’s witchcraft is family-trad based, inspired by both Cherokee and Celtic practices–but pragmatically, she is a kitchen witch.  For her, that means raising her food and medicine from seed and crafting it through a magical process that connects back to the land. She is ultimately, a “root up” kind of witch–understanding the ontology of her magic as geographically “grounded” in honor of her ancestors and the woods that have been her home for over five decades.

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