In an age where people can, and do, share every part of their lives publicly…what does it mean to be a public Witch? What’s awesome about sharing your Witchcraft with the world….and what’s not so great? Multimedia artist, occultist and writer Katelan Foisy shares her journey with being a public Witch in both art and life. We discuss the joy in sharing your Witchcraft with the world, and compassionate boundary-setting when people aren’t so kind about our Witchniness. But first, we start out with sorrow over the state of reproductive rights in the United States. Happier digressions include Kanani’s sustenance, holiday antics, Courtney’s travel woes, and the Magickal properties of orange. A listener is about to spend a few intense days with their mother. What Magickal tips can they utilize for grounding (aside from putting twenty pounds of rose quartz in their bra)? On Patreon: Katelan’s advice on becoming a public Witch. and more shenanigans (mostly Courtney and Hilary, of course….).

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Our Guest Today:

Katelan Foisy is a multimedia artist, occultist, and writer. Her clients include the Grammy Awards, Madame Zuzus Teahouse,  and The Smashing Pumpkins. She has been featured in NY Times, Elle magazine, Paper Magazine, GQ Italy and many others—for her work as an artist, curator and occultist. She is the artist for the Sibyls Oraculum and Hoodoo Tarot with Tayannah McQuillar published by Inner Traditions and is currently working on Chaos of the Third Mind with Dr. Vanessa Sinclair. She was called a “Female Jack Kerouac” by Taylor Mead, a “Modern Day Francesca Woodman” by Cynthia von Buhler, and William Patrick Corgan has said, “They used to burn witches like Katelan.”

Resource List

Yellowhammer Fund
Trans Lifeline
Screaming Goat Christmas Ornaments (and other Etsy delights!)
The Enchanted Forest (Turner, OR)

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