Bath Magick! Beautiful, simple, and so powerful! Kenita Gaines of EarthShine Apothecary shares with how to utilize the bath as a powerful source of Magick using common ingredients you probably have at home. Plus, is Hilary’s show cursed? Kanani does a reading to find out!  Digressions also include the time Courtney’s dad left her and Hilary at the video store and the time Kanani left her husband at Safeway. We all explore the important question: do you leave your date if they nod off at the movie theater? A listener is curious about the link between self-care and Magick. On Patreon: full interview with Kenita and and expanded discussion on self-care.

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Our Guest Today:

Kenita Gaines is a community celebrated herbalist and Hoodoo practitioner. She is the CEO and Founder of EarthShine Apothecary, focusing on connecting with and integrating the work of our ancestors into daily living. Kenita’s mission is to assist others with honoring their ancestors, reconnecting with Mother Earth and the Universe to reach their higher selves. Some of Kenita’s most recent offerings are Zodiac herbal cigarettes; handcrafted specifically for each zodiac sign, to bring harmony, serenity and more. She also offers many other products ranging from intention oils to herbal teas. 

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