Recorded at So Mote That Con! Amy Cesari joined us at our first virtual Con to discuss living as a Witch in today’s world. We also discuss the role of art in Magick, finding supportive community, and dealing with others’ judgment–real or perceived. Other topics include using the act of coloring for divination, how our practices have evolved since starting out, making friends in the Witchcraft world, and Amy’s journey of making spiritual art the center of her life. Digressions include tattoos and bone marrow. Video of our conversation and other bonus content on Patreon.

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Our Guest Today:

Amy Cesari is an author and illustrator who enjoys animated musicals. Not only does she own every Nintendo game console ever made, she’s earned several fancy diplomas and enjoys continued studies in various magical practices. Her typical work day begins with a powerful ritual, reciting along with the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971). She has independently published a series of popular coloring books on modern witchcraft, Coloring Book of Shadows, which you can discover at

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