Tea is Magick! Our friend Heather Agosta of The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company joins us to talk about the Magickal brew of tea. We explore the Magickal nature of tea, using tea in rituals, and how you can make a ritual or spell by simply brewing a cup of tea. Plus, Heather shares her oracle deck. Hilary discusses her return to the stage and reviews “Cruella,” while Kanani shares outrage for Britney Spears. A listener travels for work and would love some suggestions for Magickal supplies they could bring with them when they travel. On Patreon: Group rituals using tea, plus Courtney tells a WACKY-ass story…which includes a crossover with another beloved podcast.

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Our Guest Today:

Heather Agosta is the co-founder of Portland-based Jasmine Pearl Tea Company. She’s been professionally creating tea blends for seventeen years. She is also the artist and creator of The Opal Oracle deck. When she’s not blending teas for Hilary and Courtney, Heather can be found wandering the forest around her home, making art, reading tarot, and creating plant infused oils.

Resource List:

The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company
Opal Oracle Deck (Lovejoy Lightwork)
Reel Magic Podcast

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