Witches talk a lot about Spirit Guides…but how can we connect with them? Special guest Tahverlee joins us to explore this topic. Digressions include one bad-ass Witchfest, one strange-ass email, and communicating with Hilary (who still can’t talk). A listener just got engaged and has a vintage garnet ring. How can they connect with the original owner? On Patreon: Tahverlee shares “Witch’s Breath” and more methods for connecting with guides.

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Our Guest Today:

Tahverlee walks with the blood of Athena in her veins, a conduit between the underworld and the cosmos, and she’s here to guide soul-level work. As a High Priestess, Ritualist, Initiate of the Sacred Way, and Eleusinian Rites, she works deeply with her Irish ancestors and wise circle of guides.She bridges barriers to connect with spirits who have passed on, living with one foot in the otherworld and one foot firmly rooted in mother nature.She is a business expert and spiritual leader, a social impact entrepreneur, podcast host, and accomplished speaker – someone who pushes the edge of society’s assumptions, continually redefining what it means to be a warrior, woman, healer, and witch. Tahverlee holds space unconditionally as a fierce seeker of truth.  She is both the Temple Keeper at the Moon Temple Mystery School and a student of life.  She commingles light and darkness to cut through the bindings that limit our own beliefs.  She is a trusted leader who puts us in touch with our most genuine self-expression and ignites spiritual growth.

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